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Updated: 12 Dec 2018 10:52

Business Policy & Overview

Currently, Seamico Securities Public Company Limited operates business as an investment advisory under the securities business license which was approved by the Securities and Exchange Commission. Regarding to securities business, the Company has operated through its associated company namely “KT ZMICO Securities Company Limited”. Besides, the Company has invested in many potential businesses to generate additional revenues.

  • Securities Business in CLMV consist of
    • Laos through accompanying KTZMICO with Banque Pour Le Commerce Exterrieur Lao Public to establish BCEL KRUNGTHAI (BCEL-KT); 30% of KTZMICO holding.
    • Myanmar through accompanying KTZMICO with Ruby Hill Finance Company to establish KTZ Ruby Hill Securities (KTzRH); 49.15% of KTZMICO holding.
  • Expand asset management business by holding 100% of Solaris Asset Management Company.
  • Investment in other business by holding 100% of Lumpini Asset Management Company which purchased, transferred, and managed of non-performing assets (NPA) of financial institution.
  • Other Potential Business
    • Scentimental (Thailand) Co., Ltd., the company holds exclusive rights of developing, marketing, selling and distribution of celebrities’ perfumes both in Thailand and international markets. They are also a distributor of global leading fragrance brands. In the future, they planned to extend its product into cosmetics and skincare products. In addition, they will expand the market to Myanmar, Indonesia, Cambodia, Philippines and Vietnam. The Company’s shareholding in Scentimental is at 46%.
    • Absolute Yoga Co., Ltd., the holding company operates in health and wellness business under “Absolute You” brand. The company holds an investment companies as following;
      1. Absolute Pilates Co., Ltd., operates yoga and pilates studio business, having more than 14 years of track record. It currently operates 10 branches; 9 in Bangkok and 1 in Phukhet. In the second half of last year, it introduced “Rhythm Cycling” indoor spinning exercise which is now very popular in the US and Europe.
      2. Absolute Sanctuary and Yoga Center (Koh Samui) Co., Ltd., a boutique wellness resort with comfort facilities. The resort offers wide range of programs designed by specialist e.g., detox, spa, weight management and anti-stress suit which suiting for guests who need to refresh revitalize and rejuvenate.
      3. Absolute Fit Food Co., Ltd., healthy food delivery using high quality ingredients and rich nutrition with low calories. The programs are developed suiting for various health targets e.g. weight management, anti-aging program.
      4. Absolute You Management Asia Co., Ltd, engaging in an offshore management and franchising business with respect to products and services of the group.

Business Overview

Business operations of the Company, Subsidiaries and Associated Company are as follows:

  1. Investment Advisory Service and Investment Business under Seamico Securities Public Company Limited
  2. Securities Business under KT ZMICO Securities Company Limited, BCEL-KT Securities Company Limited and KTZ Ruby Hill Securities Company Limited
  3. Fund Management Business by Solaris Asset Management Company Limited.
  4. Asset Management Business by Lumpini Asset Management Company Limited

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